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(Arranged Alphabetically by Title)
  1.   “Acadiensis,” Spring 1980.
  2.   A Chronicle of Irish Emigration to Saint John, New Brunswick 1847, by Elizabeth Cuching, Teresa Casey, and Monica Robertson.
•    All Our Born Days, by Doris Calder.
•    An Anecdotal History or Kings County, N.B., by Dorothy Dearborn.
•    A Guide to Generations Vols. 1-56, by Daniel F. Johnson.
•    A History of the Anglican Church in the Parish of Springfield, and a General History of the Surrounding Area, by Ernest Graham.
•    A Survey of the Scovils or Scovills in England and America, 1915, by Hartford.
•    Arrivals 99: Our First Families in New Brunswick.
•    Baptism Register No. 2, Kingston Parish, Jan. 1816 - March 1831. (Indexed)
  1.   Caleb Seaman: A Loyalist, by Mary Beacock Fryer.
•    Clifton Royal: The Wetmores and Village Life in Nineteenth Century New Brunswick, by Judith Baxter.
•    Community Place Names of New Brunswick, 1998.
•    D-Day, Juno Beach: Canada’s 24 Hours of Destiny, by Lance Goddard.
•    Early Schools of Kings Co., N.B., by the Kings Co. Retired Teachers’ Association.
•    Erb’s Cove United Baptist Church, 1920-1988.
  1.   Faiths of Out Fathers, by Roger M. Holdsworth.
  2.   Fredericton History: Two Centuries of Romance, War, Privation and Struggle, by W. G. MacFarlane.
•    From Humble Beginnings: The Story of Agriculture in New Brunswick, by E. B. DeMerchant.
•    Genealogist’s Handbook for New England Research, 1980.
•    Genealogy: A New Relationship, by Paul Collins and Julie Morris.
•    Genealogy of the Benjamin Seely Family.
•    Generations 10: A Collection of the First Ten Issues of the Newsletter of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society.
•    “Generations”
•    Gone But Not Forgotten: Cemetery Inscriptions of Kings County, N.B., Vol. 4, Parishes of Norton, Springfield and Kars.
•    Gorham Homestead: A Family Farm, 1784-1984, by Beryla Gorham.
•    Graveyard Records for the Kingston Peninsula.
  1.   Greener Pastures: The Loyalist Experience of Benjamin Ingraham, by Earle Thomas.
•    “Ice Out Past My House”: The Diary of Azor Hoyt, A Kings County Loyalist, by Jack E. Hoyt.
•    Index of Surnames Being Researched by Members of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, 1982.
  1.   In Search of Your Canadian Roots: Tracing Your Family Tree in Canada, by Angus Baxter.
  2.   “Journal of the New Brunswick Museum, 1977”.
  3.   “Journal of the New Brunswick Museum, 1979”.
•    Kingston and the Loyalists of the Spring Fleet of 1783, by Walter Bates.
•    Letters Written by Les Holder from Overseas, World War I and from Central America etc., 1915-1935
•    Life and Times: Recollections of Eliza Cox Carter, by Judith Baxter and Beth Quigley.
•    Long Island in the Kennebecasis Bay, Kings Co., N.B., Canada, by Barbara Swann Mouffe, 2000.
•    Loyalists All: Stories Told About New Brunswick Loyalists by Their Descendants.
•    Loyalist Gorhams of the St. John River Valley, 1783-1994, by Dorie Gorham.
•    MacDonald Consolidated School Student Lists.
•    McAlpine’s Saint John Directory for 1877-1878.
•    Music of the Eye: Architectural Drawings of Canada’s First City, 1828-1914, Gary K. Hughes.
•    New Brunswick Historic Events: 1784-1984.
•    New Brunswick Shipbuilders Checklist (Kings County), Norton Wyse.
•    Nova Scotia Museum: Graveyard Inventory Guide and Data Dictionary, 1990, by Ewing, Trask and Collins.
  1.   Once Upon a Time, by J. Gordon Henderson.
•    Our Stories: Heritage ’94, A Project of the Multicultural and Immigration Office Department of Advanced Education and Labour.
  1.   Planters and Pioneers: Nova Scotia, 1749 to 1775, by Esther Clark Wright.
•    Researching Your Ancestors in New Brunswick, Canada, by Robert F. Fellows.
•    Reflections of an Era: Portraits of 19th Century New Brunswick Ships, 1987, Robert Elliot and Alan McNairn.
•    Reflections: The Story of Hampton, N.B., by David G. Keirstead.
•    Robert Moore Family Genealogy.
•    Rothesay: An Illustrated History, 1784-1920, by Robert Hook, Ann Condon and Charles Grant.
•    Saint John and Lancaster Directory, 1961.
•    Sea Going Days: The Holder Family, 1851-1878.
  1.   Some Loyalists and Others, by Isabel Louise Hill.
  2.   Tales of Holderville and District, J. Gordon Henderson.
  3.   The Black Loyalists, by James Walker.
•    The Builders, 1783-1971, Parish of Kingston.
•    The Census Records of 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 for Kingston Parish, Kings CO., N.B., by Julia Walker and Margaret Duplisea.
•    The Diary of Benjamin Crawford, 1818-1833, 1836-1837.
  1.   The First History of New Brunswick, by Peter Fisher.
  2.   The Loyal Americans, by the Canadian War Museum.
  3.   The Loyalist Guide: Nova Scotia Loyalists and Their Documents, by the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.
•    The Loyalists of New Brunswick, by Esther Clark Wright.
  1.   The Loyalists: Revolution, Exile, Settlement, by Christopher Moore.
•    The New Brunswick Militia, 1787-1867, by David Facey-Crowther.
  1.   The New Brunswick Museum Department of Canadian History Archives Division: Inventory of Manuscripts, 1967.
•    The Saint John Board of Health Marriage Register, Book K, 1887.
•    The Seely’s of New Brunswick, 1992, by Fanjoy and Ward.
•    The Voyages and Diary of Amelia Holder.
•    The Waddells: Reed’s Point and Beyond, 1999, by Ann Waddell, Jim Archibald and Glenna Jack.
•    The Whelpleys of Connecticut and New Brunswick from 1640, by William Price.
  1.    Those Days Are Gone Away: Queens County, N.B., 1643-1901, by Marion Gilchrist Reicker.
  2.   We The Undersigned, by Elspeth Tulloch.
•    World War II: The People’s Story, by Nigel Forentain
  1.   Ye Olde Flewwelling Family of New York, by Eric Clifton Langley.
  2.   Your Family Tree, By Garland Evans Hopkins.
•    75 Years: MacDonald Consolidated School, Kingston, N.B., July 28, 1979.
  1.    845 Kingston Peninsula: A Pencil Sketch Tour, by Judith Baxter.
•    1851 Census for Kings County, N.B., Vols. I-II, by Julia Walker and Margaret Duplisea.
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