Our Board

Hope Hunter


My childhood summers were spent with extended family in southern New Brunswick. Following a career in non-profit management, I moved from Western Canada to the Long Reach. An invitation to the Peninsula Heritage Christmas Party led to helping with dishes at Carter House, attempting to tame the garden and now volunteering at the museum and serving on the Board. The experiences has nourished my fascination with local stories and how they enrich our understanding of human history.

Claudette Groody


I moved to Carter's Point on the Kingston Peninsula in 2016 when I retired after a 40 year career in business management. I had lived outside the province for 35 years and while I am a native of south eastern New Brunswick I knew little of this area other than its natural beauty.

Joining Peninsula Heritage has proven to be an excellent way of learning about the history and the people of my new community

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson

Second Vice-President

My interest in heritage is grounded in the words of two women. First, Nellie McClung who was instrumental in Canada’s person case, said, "People must know the past to understand the present, and to face the future.” To integrate into the community as a relative newcomer to the peninsula (since 2001) I believe that knowing a bit about our heritage helps one to understand more about what makes us tick. A wise mentor also gave me sage advice for moving into a new community and vocation. She said, “First become a historian and a lover." These words have served me well. Meeting such a hearty persistent group of neighbours, spawned a interest into what makes people call the Peninsula home. In addition to interest in the daily life of early settlers to these shores, I bring an interest into the indigenous ancestors who also called this place home.

Elizabeth is a retired clergy woman with the United Church of Canada. She lives on Chickadee Lane, Kingston.

Glen Baxter

Museum Director

Retired, a peninsula native, out of high school spent five years in the Royal Canadian Air Force, then a career with NBTel, mainly in the engineering design of long haul communications systems, microwave and fibre optics. Has been active in the community serving on several boards and commissions including chair of the Kingston Local Service District advisory council and Vice Chair of the Fundy Regional Service Commission. Has been active in Peninsula Heritage for about twenty five years in several capacities, secretary, treasurer, and president. Currently serves as the museum director. Enjoys working with Peninsula Heritage, involved mainly in museum collections management and archives.

Brian Scribner


Suzanne Hickey


A member of a large Irish-Catholic family with roots in Bayswater and Summerville, Suzanne has lived on the Peninsula most of her life. As a very social person, Suzanne likes to be involved in community activities and events.

Beth Quigley


Descendant of Holder Family Loyalist. Lifetime Kingston Peninsula resident. Associated with many historical enthusiasts. Ghost stories are my favourite activity

Herman Ellis


Peggy Cooper