Built Heritage Driving Tour

Come and explore the picturesque Kingston Peninsula and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of its rich history and heritage through its historical buildings and landmarks.

Our Built Heritage Driving Tour, including 23 of the Kingston Peninsula's best-preserved historical buildings and landmarks, makes for an amazing self-guided and socially distanced activity for the summer! Navigate the tour using our google map links below, or stop by the JFM Museum or 1810 Carter House for a print copy of our map. The production of the tour began with Rivers Keirstead in 2020 and is continued this season by Hannah Kindred.

We would like to thank volunteer and printing specialist Maggie Macleod for her help in formatting and producing our printed maps, as well as Select Printing & Signs Ltd. for their contributions.


Interested in driving the tour? You can use the online map in conjunction with the built heritage index to locate and access information on historical buildings and landmarks. Below, we have our Driving Tour Map of 23 locations and another more detailed map including 57 of the Kingston Peninsula's historical sites.

For the purpose of our tour event, we highly recommend taking on the more accessible map of 23 sites, stopping mid-way for a picnic lunch at Cedars Light! Our map of 57 sites may be broken up into smaller tours or used for further personal research.

To order your picnic lunch from 1810 Carter House Tea Room, call 506-832-2902 a minimum of one hour before your desired pick-up! Online take-out menus will soon be available on our website and social media!

This map has been designed for the Built Heritage Driving Tour Event. The estimated driving time is approximately 2 hours, with additional time added if you wish to stop for a picnic lunch at our beautiful Cedars Lighthouse!

The above map features the complete list of all of Kingston Peninsula Heritage's known heritage sites. This is to be used for individual research purposes. We do not recommend attempting to view all of these sites in the same trip, as it would be very time-consuming. Instead, try our more user-friendly Driving Tour Event shown above!

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Coming Soon...

We are currently designing an Audio Tour to accompany your drive with vivid descriptions of our community's history. Keep an eye on our website, and our social media, to receive relevant updates!

We are expecting to open a built heritage exhibit in the John Fisher Memorial Museum in 2022.


Written Directions

Follow the map to pinpoint the exact location of the heritage sites!

Begin at the bottom of Peter's Hill Road with site number one.

Turn left off of Peter's Hill Road onto Ganong Road.

Turn right off of Ganong Road onto Whiting's Lane, then, turn left off of Whiting's Lane onto Route 850.

Follow Route 850 until you reach the four way intersection beside the general school and church, then turn right and take the 850 to Long Reach.

Follow Route 850 to the end of the peninsula to visit Harding's Point Cemetery. From here, turn around and go back the way you came until you reach a right turn onto Route 845.

Follow Route 845 until you cross the covered bridge, after which you may stay on the 845, or take Pipertown Road as a crossroad to cut several kilometers off of your trip.

Stay on the 845, or return to it after taking Pipertown Road, and follow it to Reeds Point, where the tour will conclude.

Please drive safely, and enjoy the beautiful sights that the Kingston Peninsula has to offer.


Please adhere to provincial social distancing regulations while on the driving tour. We ask that you remain in your car when viewing private residences to respect the property and privacy of homeowners.