Erb's Cove Baptist Church

Erb's Cove United Baptist Church - Lot 8, Erb's Cove

Original Grant:

Henry Erb - September 22, 1786

Deed Transfers:

Henry Erb to Henry Erb Jr. - 1821

Henry Erb Jr. to Regular Baptist Society - 1825

History and Style:

The parcel of land in which the church is on was sold for a price of five pounds by Henry Erb to “The Regular Baptist Society”, for the purpose of building a place of worship. The land was deeded on February 25th, 1834. The Church was built shortly after the land was deeded to this society and was non-denominational, but only Baptist ministers preached the services. This Church was called “The Lone Star Meeting House”.

The original Church had a balcony across the back. This is where Sunday School classes and suppers were held. Rev. E. A. Allaby became Pastor around 1918 and under his leadership, during the Summer of 1920, the church roof was raised and shingled by local workers, and at this time the balcony was removed.

On December 12, 1920, the Erb’s Cove United Baptist Church was officially organized.