St. James Church

St. James - Lot 5, Long Reach 

Original Grant:

Samuel Mallows - July 14, 1784 

Deed Transfers:

Samuel Mallows to Asa Burdich - 1796 

Asa Burdich to Richard and Charlotte Whelpley - 1806 

Charlotee Whelpley  to James and Cornelia Whelpley - 1845 

Cornelia Whelpley to Church Corporation - 1888 

History and Style:

St. James church was built in 1845 by the people of Long Reach.  Until 1845 people in the area traveled across the river to attend church at Oak Point.  At the time it was more convenient to travel across the river by boat or ice than to navigate the primitive roads to Kingston; however, convenience did not mean safe travel.  There were many instances of people venturing across the river to attend a morning service only to be caught in a storm and their boat capsized.  Naturally, St. James was a safer alternative for many families on the Long Reach and prevented many treacherous river crossings.  Of special interest is the three-tiered Queen Anne Chancel that was constructed by Samuel Foster.  This design is very rare and is believed to be one of only two in North America.