Trinity Church

Trinity Church - Kingston

Original Grant:

One acre from each of the following adjoining lots:

1 - James Scovil - May 4, 1798

2 - John London - July 14, 1784

1 - Silas Raymond - July 14, 1784

1 - Elias Scribner - July 14, 1784

History and Style:

Trinity Church is the oldest Anglican church in New Brunswick. It was funded and built in 1789 by the people of Kingston. When the original Loyalist settlers drew lots for their land, it was agreed that the first three would donate one acre at the adjoining corner of each lot next to the parsonage property for the purpose of building a church. The original structure consisted of just the nave, which was built in the Georgian style with rounded arch windows. In 1808, the octagonal steeple was added to the west end of the church and in 1811 the chancel and Venetian window were added to the east end. In 1857, Trinity, along with New Brunswick’s other Anglican churches, was Gothicized at Bishop Medley’s insistence. The Georgian windows were given Gothic arches and finials were added to the exterior corners.