Bradley's - Gray's Mills


There is a pump house near the home that still works.

History and Style:

This home was built by S. H. Bradley, a local farmer, mailman, and school trustee who was very active in his community. The Bradley farm was once covered in cherry and apple orchards, and harvested huge crops of rhubarb from their ‘one ton rhubarb patch.’ There was once a wharf near the home on the St. John River, which was known as Bradley’s Landing. During renovations by the present owner, a spare piece of moulding was found inside one of the walls. On its back was written “Bradley’s Landing.” It had been addressed and arrived in a shipment of goods, probably by riverboat, and was forgotten inside the wall when it was plastered.

The home is built in the common side gable design with a one-window dormer on both the façade and the rear entrance. It is one and a half stories high with an entrance facing the main road and the river. There is a one-story addition on the south end of the house.