Campbell's - Lot 14, Kingston

Original Grant:

William Crawford and Samuel Osborn - September 22, 1786

Deed Transfers:

Samuel Crawford to John and Lucy Stickel - 1793

John Stickel to Peter and Ruth Lyon - 1799

Peter Lyon to Walter and Abigail Bates - 1804

Walter Peters' heirs to William and Mary Ann Jones - 1845

William Jones to James and Julie Ann Travis - 1850

James Travis to Alexander Proven - 1850

Alexander Proven's heirs to William Proven - 1853

William Proven to James and Amanda Kenny - 1856

James Kenny to Mildred and George Hazen - 1892

Mildred Hazen to The Farm Settlement Board - 1928

The Farm Settlement Board to Grace and Herbert Betts - 1946

Grace Betts to Ralph and Jean Campbell - 1954

History and Style:

This home may have been built by William Peters early in the nineteenth century. Deeds after he purchased the property in 1810 refer to the lot as his homestead farm, and the Walling map of 1862 indicates that G. Stockford was residing on the property. Although there is no record of a Stockford owning the farm, he may have rented from James Kenny, who owned the lot in 1862 and resided further inland on the Nice Lake Road. The house itself is very long and narrow and only one room deep. Although the interior has been completely changed, the exterior remains much the same as it was originally, except for the addition of modern windows. Originally, the house had six rooms on the first floor and five on the second floor. On the end facing the river was a kitchen and a small windowless scullery. Off the kitchen there were two, long and narrow bedrooms that ran along the north side of the house. These opened into a large common room and hall, which included a bi-level staircase directly in front of the main entranceway, which was on the right side of the house’s façade. Behind the staircase was another small room. The main entrance has since been moved to the west end of the house and the staircase has been redirected to face the entry. There is a small dormer on the south side of the house, which provides a beautiful view of the Belleisle River and Hog Island, and there is a chimney on the western gable and one almost in the centre of the house.

The farm was bought by George and Mildred Hazen in 1892 and they raised their family there. One of their children later recalled that the house was so cold and drafty in the winter that he used to wake up in the morning with a fine dusting of snow on his blankets. In 1928, the Hazens sold their farm to the Farm Settlement Board. In 1946, the Betts family, immigrants from England, took over the farm and their descendants still live there.