Carter House

Carter House - Lot 2, Kingston

Original Grant:

John London - July 14, 1784

Deed Transfers:

William Pywell and wife Phebe to William A. Carter - 1855

William A. Carter and wife Mary to Annie M.C. King - 1874

Annie M.C. King and husband John H. King to Ella B. Carter - 1907

John Cosman to Almina E. E. Cosman - 1943

Almina E. E. Cosman to Emily A. Puddington - 1948

Emily A. Puddington to Roy S. Palmer - 1951

Roy S. Palmer to S. Roy Kelly - 1953

Roy Kelly to Ross L. McPherson - 1955

Ross McPherson to Ernest J. Prosser - 1963

Ernest J. Prosser to Peninsula Heritage Inc. - 1964

History and Style:

This house was built by Frances Newman Perkins for his son, Robert Perkins, who married Mary Lamb in 1841. Sometime before 1855, William Pywell came into possession of the Carter House. Pywell was a substantial landholder, innkeeper, and lumberman in Kingston who arrived in New Brunswick in 1817. He married Phoebe Perkins, a daughter of Francis Newman and Hannah Perkins. Pywell owned the Carter House, the large store and tavern across the road, and the hay scales next to the old Scribner house.

William Carter, a shoemaker, and his wife Mary Jones raised a family of ten children in this small cottage. The house remained in the Carter family until it was sold to John Cosman by William S. Carter in 1936. The house is one and a half stories high with dormers added to both the façade and the rear. The floorboards, which are laid as cut, are extremely wide and were probably cut from old growth forest. Although the windows throughout have been replaced by modern framed windows, the house has been preserved in its original style and layout. There was once a summer kitchen addition to the rear of the house that opened into the small storage room between the present kitchen and bathroom. To the rear of this was a shed and an outhouse. The present kitchen was once the dining room and the two front rooms that now act as dining rooms for the tea house were parlours. The two downstairs bathrooms were probably small bedrooms at one time.

*Special thanks to Carol Norman for her help in determining who built the Carter House.