Coffey's - Lot 14. Reed's Point

Orignial Grant:

Jedediah Nash - July 14, 1784

Deed Transfers:

Jedediah Nash to William Puddington - 1801

William Puddington to Caleb Wetmore - 1807

Caleb Wetmore to Munson and Ralph Travis - 1810

Munson and Ralph Travis to John Gidney - 1814

John Gidney to Peter Hume - 1819

Peter Hume to William Black - 1822

William Black to John Walker - 1836

John Walker to James. E Waddell - 1841

James. E Waddell to Alexander Waddell - 1894

Alexander Waddell to William. E. Waddell - 1898

William. E. Waddell to Edith Waddell - 1913

Edith Waddell to James Marshalls - 1918

History and Style:

This home was built circa 1852 by Alexander Waddell, the son of a prosperous Scotch mill owner. Ida (Marshall) Coffee moved into this home in 1936 when her brother brought his new bride to their homestead next door. Ida’s father, James Marshall, had the home remodelled by Les Merritt after he bought it from Alexander and Edith Waddell in 1918. The house lied vacant after Ida’s death for many years, until it was moved to its new location on Mount Misery Road in November of 2003. It is just one example of how an older home can be given a new lease on life.