Crawford House 2

Crawford House - Old Long Reach Road

Deed Transfers:

This house has been passed down through the Crawford family for generations. It is currently owned by Shirley Cochrane.

History and Style:

This House was constructed circa 1840. The original stone and cement foundation remains. There used to be two chimneys, located on either side of the house, and one can still see the large rock foundation of one of these chimneys in the basement. Most of the original 6 over 6 pane windows have been removed and replaced, but the window at the front of the house is original. The house once had cedar shingles, but they have since been replaced during renovations. An extension was also added to the side of the house facing the water.

Inside, the house maintains some of its original decorative wooden trim and softwood floors. The kitchen’s support beams were hand hewn, as is indicative of the period, and are non-uniform in shape. In the middle of the kitchen hangs three hooks. A pole would have been placed between these hooks to hang and dry cooking materials such as herbs. Originally, there was a room connected to the kitchen known as the birthing room where women would go to give birth and where the dead would be laid out.

This property used to have a fox farm. Fox furs were very popular for fashion and practical reasons. There was also a woodshed and outhouse attached to the house. The barn, which is still standing, was used for cattle. It is now is home to some horses. Water from a spring would be collected in buckets and carried to the barn. In front of the door there is a turning log mechanism that can be used to raise heavy objects. The original wooden pegs are also visible.

The house may be beautiful, but there have been reports of haunting at this location. The house was in disrepair in the 1970s. As the owners began extensive renovations and restorations, they began to detect the presence of other beings. Via Ouija board communications they realized that there were three friendly spirits haunting the house. Valerie, a young ghost who died of pneumonia is said to pester the dogs and because of this they are afraid to go upstairs even when prompted by their owner. Objects are also known to go missing and turn up in odd locations.