Edward's House

Walter Edward's - Lot 16, Whitehead

Orignial Grant:

William Wright - January 27, 1786

Deed Transfers:

William Wright per Sheriff to Joseph Canby - 1794

Joseph Canby to Joseph French - 1806

Joseph French to Benjamin Elston - 1814

Benjamin Elston to Charles Elston - 1832

Charles Elston to David Thompson - 1855

David Thompson to James E. Giggey - 1860

James E. Giggey to David Thompson - 1862

David Thompson to Ruth Riley - 1962

Ruth Riley to Henry Henderson - 1862

Henry Henderson to James Riley - 1863

James Riley to john D. Howe - 1867

John D. Howe to John Enevoldson - 1877

John Enevoldson to Thomas Latham - 1887

Thomas Latham to Walter Edwards - 1892

Walter Edwards to James G. Edwards - 1958

James G. Edwards to Audrey Rushon - 1969

History and Style:

This house was built as a newlywed home for Walter Edwards and his bride in the 1890’s. Built with a hipped gable roof and verandah, this house also has whimsical fretwork, pendants, and brackets along its façade. There is a faceted dormer window centred over a bay window that bisects the verandah, the right side of which is enclosed and forms part of the interior. The house is one and a half stories, with a one story shed added to the rear.