Hall's - Lot 6, Milkish Creek

Orignial Grant:

John Stewart - 1786

Deed Transfers:

John Stewart to Nathaniel Dickinson - 1787

Missing Deed -

George Apt to Even Apt - 1830

Even Apt to Michael Morris - 1832

Michael Morris to Hugh Morris Sr. - 1844

Hugh Morris Sr. to Hugh Morris Jr. - 1868

Hugh Morris Jr. to Michael Morris - 1870

Hugh Morris Sr. to Michael Morris - 1862

Michael Morris to Joseph Morris - 1901

Joseph Morris to Martin Nielson - 1911

Martin Nielson to Nathaniel C. Scott - 1915

Nathaniel C. Scott to Joseph C. Hall - 1915

Joseph C. Hall to Dan Landry, Adelard Bonevie and Gerard Johnson - 1948

History and Style:

Judging from deeds and architectural features, this house may have been built by the Morris family in the 1840’s. The property was bought by Joe and Mabel Hall in 1915. They moved to Milkish from Leeds, Quebec with four young children and went on to raise a total of ten children in their new home.