James E. Waddell's

James E. Waddell’s – Lot 11, Reed’s Point

Original Grant:

James Pickett – July 14, 1784

Deed Transfers:

James Pickett to Thomas Jennings - 1802

Thomas Jennings to John Harris - 1804

John Harris to Joseph Dickson - 1813

Joseph Dickson to James Snider - 1817

James Snider to Mary (Snider) Pitt - 1872

Mary Pitt to James E. Waddell – 1898

History and Style:

This Victorian home is highly decorated with intricate wooden trim and plaster mouldings. It is based on the central hall theme with four rooms and a pantry on the first floor, four bedrooms on the second floor and two bedrooms on the third floor. There are two parlours, one on either side of the main entrance and the two rear rooms are a kitchen and dining room connected by a pantry. The second floor has a spacious hall with a sitting area set in the front gabled dormer. The exterior is covered in intricate gingerbread trim. The basement has a built-in office and milk-room. The home is currently undergoing restoration and renovations.

This home was built by James E. Waddell and finished in 1903 at a cost of about $5000.00, made with the lumber from their family mill. He had previously lived across the road in an older Georgian style house and decided that his young family deserved a new home. The Waddell family supplied much of the lumber and trim to build other houses in Clifton and Reed’s Point, but no expenses were spared for his own home. It is said that although he helped to build many other homes well, he built this one to live in.

His four oldest children, Roy, Eugene, Mable, and Ina, were born in the older home. His youngest son, Lorne, was the only child born “on the hill.” When the family moved, Mable, the eldest of the two girls, pulled four-year-old Ina up the hill on a toboggan to their new home.