Lamb Farm

Lamb Farm - Lot 3, Perry Point

Original Grant:

John Hendricks - July 14, 1784

Deed Transfers:

Missing Deed -

Azariah Perkins to Eliakim Perkins - 1823

Eliakim Perkins to Joseph Lamb - 1841

Joseph Lamb to Jacob T. Lamb - 1878

Jacob T. Lamb to George E. Lamb - 1878

George E. Lamb to Chipman N. Lamb - 1917


There are numerous barns and sheds on this farm, including two large hip-roofed barns that sit near the road.

History and Style:

This small hall and parlour house was built in 1869, by Joseph Lamb. The house was constructed the same year as the Saxby Gale, a tropical cyclone which struck eastern Canada's Bay of Fundy region. Houses of this style were very popular in the latter half of the nineteenth century, especially in areas with strong Irish and Scottish heritage, and are still built today.