MacCleery's - Lot 25, Gorham's Bluff

Original Grant:

Nathaniel Gorham - July 14, 1784

Deed Transfers:

Nathaniel Gorham to Hugh MacCleery - 1839

Hugh MacCleery to James A. MacCleery - 1863

James. A. MacCleery to Ivory D. MacCleery - 1908

Ivory MacCleery to Russell MacCleery - 1938


There are two large barns in the field next to the house.

History and Style:

This 1840s home is typical of the one and a half story cottage style so commonly seen on the Peninsula. It is very modestly trimmed indoors and out. The single parlour has a hand-made carpet which was given to Mr. MacCleery’s grandmother Peatman as a wedding present. The original section of the home is double plastered. One of the most unique characteristics is the way in which the two chimneys are placed diagonal to the rest of the structure, instead of being square with the surrounding framework. Neither Chimney goes below the upper floor but is hung halfway up the wall. Pipes carried heat and smoke from the downstairs stoves to the two flues. While most of the windows in the house are six-over-six, the two on the front of the house are eight-over-eight.

This home was built on a section of the original Gorham farm by Hugh McCleery, an Irish immigrant, for his bride, Hannah Gorham. Hugh worked on the Nathaniel Gorham farm and fell in love with the "boss’ daughter".

The first phone on the Peninsula ran between this home and the Gorham farm.

The extensive addition on the left side of the house, which is large enough to be a house of its own, was added in about 1880 to accommodate the eight children of Mr. MacCleery’s grandfather.