MacFarland's - Lot 2, Moss Glen

Original Grant:

Ephraim Deforest and James Codner - January 27, 1786

Deed Transfers:

Ephraim Deforest to Samuel Keirstead - 1823

Samuel Keirstead to Samuel Hallett - 185o

Samuel Hallett to Bank of New Brunswick - 1865

Bank of New Brunswick to John Harrison - 1869

John Harrison to Bridget Pierce - 1883

Bridget Pierce to John Harrison - 1883

John harrison (heirs) to William Spence and Charles MacFarland - 1904

Charles MacFarland to Annie MacFarland - 1943

Annie MacFarland (heirs) to Donald MacFarland - 1943

Donald MacFarland (heirs) to Kathy MacFarland - 1999


Behind the house, there is a small one room house that was moved there from across the road by Don MacFarland. Johnny Waddell lived there for a time in his old age. There is a small loft and an attached woodshed.

History and Style:

The original structure appears to have been an end gable entry house built by Charles MacFarland circa 1905 and had extensive later additions. To the rear of the house, a small extension with south facing dormer window was added. On the rear of this addition is a large shed that juts out of the north end of the house and was used as a store. The structure remains on its original field stone foundation. The house’s façade has a large bay window to the left and the front door, which sits to the right, has trimmed surrounds. An enclosed porch has been added to the façade and now covers the front door and bay window. The interior trim is quite decorative making use of corner blocks and ceiling medallions. The most striking features are a decorative pressed tin ceiling in the parlour and a whimsically carved stair rail. The home is built on land that was farmed extensively by the Keirstead family in the early to mid-19th century. There are even records of a burial ground situated on the opposite side of the road. At one time, Don and Edith MacFarland ran a general store out of the back porch. They also grew strawberries, which was once one of the Peninsula’s main exports.