MacKay's - Beasley's Point


The barn adjacent to the house was found floating up the river in a spring freshet circa 1900 and towed to shore with a mini-tug boat.

History and Style:

Thomas Seely, a tailor in the King’s army, had a house on this site before 1800, but the present structure is probably of later construction. The house has changed hands many times over the years. At one point, it was owned by the Crawford family who mortgaged the property in order to seek gold in the Meadow Brook area. Unfortunately, they did not find any gold and lost their home in the endeavour. The only gold ever found in the area is in the form of salmon which used to be very plentiful in this section of the St. John River. One of the early families had a private cemetery between the house and the river, but the graves were unmarked, and the knowledge of its whereabouts has been lost.