Samuel White's

Samuel White's (McCumber's) - White's Bluff


There is a barn to left of the house.

History and Style:

This house was built in 1905 by Samuel White. It is the only known example of a Shingle style house on the Peninsula. At the time of its construction White and his brother Judd decided to have a contest to see who could build a better home. Although local opinion was that Judd’s house was the larger of the two, it was widely agreed that Sam’s was better built. Of particular interest is the house’s roof design. The façade forms a steeply pitched, curved gambrel roofline, but the rear of the house has a regular side-gable pitch. Like other Shingle houses, this home’s first floor is clad in clapboards, while the upper floor is covered in fish scale shingles. The large porch supports are also shingled. There is one steeply pitched dormer window on the façade. The windows and doors on the façade and sides of the house are trimmed with decorative crowns and carved window-jamb mouldings.