Scribner House - Lot 8, Kingston Creek

Original Grant:

James Ketchum - 1784

Deed Transfers:

James Ketchum to Peter Gyre - 1787

Peter Gyre to Ebenezer Scribner - 1787

Ebenezer Scribner willed to Thomas Scribner et all - 1823

Thomas Scribner to Charles Scribner - 1852

Charles Scribner willed to Annetta Eliza Scribner -

Annetta Eliza Scribner to Alice Isabel Earle - 1932

alice Earle to Annetta O'Leary and Elinor Hughes - 1979

History and Style:

This house was built by the loyalist Ebenezer Scribner in the early 19th Century. He is reputed to have brought the banister and newel post in the front entry with him when he fled his former home in the United States. The homestead was bought by Charles Scribner, one of Ebenezer’s descendants, in 1847, for himself and his new bride Lucinda Mabee. The home was the first in the area to have running water, which was carried to the house through wooden pipes, which are still buried behind the house. The projecting two-story dormer is a later addition. Before it was built, the house would have been of a much simpler Georgian design.