Seely's - Day's Landing

History and Style:

This cottage was built circa the 1870s by Elizabeth Day. The present owner, who is a descendant of the Day family, began to restore the cottage in 1986. It had fallen into extreme disrepair from years of neglect and required extensive renovations. The verandah had detached and fallen from the house and the entire structure had fallen off of its supports and was leaning to one side. Luckily it was salvageable, thanks to the skill and patience of the owners. The only parts of the structure that were not salvageable were some of the clapboards and the summer kitchen, which was replaced with a larger kitchen. During the renovations some shingles were removed and on the back of one was stamped “Stetson Cutler, St. John, N.B.” This company worked out of Indian Town in Saint John.

The main section of the cottage is twenty feet by twenty feet. On the south end there is a summer kitchen and on the north end there is a small room with a shed roof. It is of side gable design with a dormer and wrap-around verandah on its façade. There are also two windows on either side of the main entrance that have twenty small stained-glass panes surrounding a larger clear pane of glass on the upper sash. An interesting feature of the interior is the wall covering in the central room. Tea boxes were used along with fine slats of wood to create a panel effect.