The Boarding House

The Boarding House - Lot 7, Clifton

Orignial Grant:

John Gamil - July 14, 1784

Deed Transfers:

Missing deed -

William Puddington to James W. Puddington - 1823

James W. Puddington to William P. Puddington - 1850

William P. Flewelling to David P. Wetmore - 1863

David P. Wetmore to Gabriel Merritt - 1870

Gabriel Merritt to Robert J. Flewelling - 1874

Robert J. Flewelling to Joseph F. Merritt - 1882

Joseph F. Merritt to Joseph Elias Wetmore - 1885

Joseph Elias Wetmore to Marion Carmichael -1902

Marion Carmichael to Garnet W. Carmichael -1939

Garnet W. Carmichael to Colin K. Carmichael - 1962

Colin K. Carmichael to Harold N. Treen - 1963

History and Style:

This large Georgian home was probably built by William P. Flewelling in the 1850s. Mr. Flewelling was an industrious shipyard operator and built 37 vessels in Clifton from 1842-1873. This house was built as a boarding house for men working in the shipyard. It was operated as a store by later owners and is now a summerhouse.