Walton's - Lot 4, Moss Glen

Original Grant:

William Beadle - September 16, 1784

History and Style:

This home was once a mill kitchen used to feed the men working in the Moss Glen sawmill. The entire ground floor was one large kitchen and the upstairs comprised two small bedrooms and a smaller kitchen for the cooks. There was no staircase inside the house and to get upstairs one had to go outside to an exterior staircase located on the west side of the structure. The ceilings on the second floor are extremely low, and the door casings are only about five and a half feet high. When the mill burned in 1900 the kitchen was no longer needed and was eventually converted into a summer home, and later became a permanent residence. There used to be a large horse barn across the driveway from the home and there is still a small outhouse on the property. A brook used to run under the outhouse that kept it conveniently clean. Neighbours used to joke that it was the first home in the area with running water.