Wood House

Wood Farm - Lot 16, Carter's Point

Original Grant:

Daniel Fowler - January 27, 1786


There are seven outbuildings still standing around this old farmhouse. There is a large woodshed/barn attached to the rear of the house with a loft containing a workshop “Studio”. Attached to this woodshed is a three-seater out-house, which would have been very convenient on cold winter nights. Next to these are two small sheds that have become very dilapidated. Just across the driveway from the house sits a small well-house and a fallen-down barn. A short distance away sits a large barn constructed of large un-hewn logs. There is also a large collapsed structure towards the river.

History and Style:

The oldest section of this house was built by Loyalist Daniel Fowler family. James Wood, a descendant of the Fowlers, added a large two-story ell to the rear of the house when he married Amanda Purdy in the mid 1800s. The primary section of the house is built in the one and a half story cottage style with a central hallway, two rooms on the first floor and three small bedrooms on the second floor. The ell section of the house comprises the dining room and kitchen on the first floor and a long hall and two bedrooms on the second floor.