St. Bridget's Wharf

St. Bridget’s Wharf

This Wharf is located directly across the road from St. Bridget’s Church. In the summer, many parishioners would leave Saint John on a steamboat and come here to participate in picnics and other activities. The property was originally owned by the church and was enjoyed by many people. It was ultimately sold and is now private property.

Built in the latter half of the 1800’s, the Wharf was initially a place for passengers to easily access the river boats for travelling between Chapel Grove and St. John. As time went on though, it became a central ‘hangout’ spot for the youth and adults of the community, with children and teens learning to swim and dive, tell ghost stories, sing around bonfires and meet their first love! The Wharf remained an integral part of the Chapel Grove community until the 1990’s, when its deterioration and ultimate sale caused people to go to other local beaches and wharves. -Excerpt taken from Suzanne Hickey