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Holderville School House – Holderville


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Holderville school was in District No. 12 in the parishes of Kingston and Westfield. The first school was near the Bedford Warf Road but in the 1870s a school was built further up the road. It was near the church, now the property of the Boy Scout Association. The last class to be held in Holderville was in 1944, when only two pupils were in attendance. After that the children were taken to the Long Reach school until it closed. The school was moved in 1953 to White’s Mills, the latter building being too small for the number enrolled.  It was discovered during the work on the building that the floor was insulated with a layer of sand.


Some of the teachers were Zaidee Gorham Williams, Florence Whittaker Williams Scott, Dorothy Williams White, Margret Ayer Whelpley, Lorna Duplisea, Herberta Creighton Gorham, Julia Redmoore Walker, Grace Wiggins, Doris Whipple and Evelyn Merritt Burhoe, who, it is believed to be the last teacher.