Long Reach School House

Long Reach School House – Long Reach


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The first two Long Reach School buildings no longer exist. Mrs. Zaidee Williams recalls being told by her father, Mr. Gorham, of the first Long Reach school, it was before his day of attending school. It was located on the South side of the Francis Smith Memorial Hall, where there is a large rock. The second school was in Carvell’s Hallow. It was on the side of the road opposite of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald McWhirter, on the lower side of the brook. This school ceased to be used, was moved to the property opposite of the old Williams house and was used as a store until 1966. It was torn down when the road was widened.


The building still standing was the third Long Reach School built in 1898-1899 and was in operation until 1965. It served a three-mile district and had eight grades. It has since been renovated and is the home of the former president of Kingston Peninsula Heritage, Ms. Hunter.