Summerside School

Summerside School House – Shamper’s Bluff


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Summerside school was in District No. 13 in the parish of Kingston and later was known as Shamper’s Bluff. This school was built in 1843, near where the Shamper’s Bluff Road meets Route 845. Children form Gorham’s Bluff rowed across Gorham’s Creek, and in winter skated across and walked through the Shamper farm up the hill to school. Pupils included those with surnames Northrup, Crawford, Wheaton, Shamper, Lyon, Earl, Kierstead, Rogers, Gorham, MacCleary and Bostwick.


Some teachers were Clara Frost, 1873; Ellen McDougal, 1879; Bessie Metallick, 1880; Susie Grey, 1883; Monica Wetmore, 1887; Ethel Fairweather, 1891; Adelia Cosman, 1891; Annie Wetmore, 1900, and Gussie Crawford, 1903.


In 1891, William Shamper was a trustee and chairman of the school board. At a meeting on Nov. 14, 1891, expenses of $105 for one year was approved. The school was in operation until Christmas of 1904, when the students were transferred to the new MacDonald Consolidated School at Kingston.