Nutter House

Nutter House - Lot 11, Kingston Corner

Original Grant:

Johannes and Appalona Chick - July 14, 1784

Deed Transfers:

Johannes Chick to John Hamilton - 1787

John Hamilton to David Pickett - 1790

David Pickett to Gould Pickett

Gould Pickett to Seymour and Munson Gould Pickett - 1840

Seymour Pickett to Mary Mackie to Samuel Scovil - 1841

Samuel Scovil to Duncan Robertson - 1860

Duncan Robertson to John W. Chaloner - 1889

John W. Chaloner to Perry Fairweather - 1903

Perry Fairweather to J. E. Wilbur Nutter - 1937

History and Style:

This home may have been built between 1841 and 1860. The property was owned by Samuel Scovil, but may have been leased to a Scribner family, as they are listed as living there in 1862. At any rate, Samuel Scovil eventually sold his farm to a neighbour, John Chaloner, in 1889. In 1937 the Nutter family bought the property after the Nutter homestead on Whiteing’s Lane burned down. The house is a typical one and half story construction with a front dormer. The interior has been remodeled, including new windows, but the original staircase still bisects the centre of the house. This home is scheduled for demolition in the near future.

This house was torn down.