Old Gamble House

Old Gamble House - Lot 30, Summerville

Orignal Grant:

Peter Watson - January 27, 1786

Deed Transfers:

William Fanjoy to Thomas Fanjoy - 1819

Thomas Fanjoy to William Fanjoy - 1820

William Fanjoy to John McDougald - 1820

John McDougald to James Linton and William John Gamble - 1854

William John Gamble to William James Gamble - 1886

William James Gamble to Cecil R. Hardy - 1935

Cecil R. Hardy to William Henry Hall - 1938

History and Style:

This small cottage used to sit nearer to Route 845 but was moved up the hill to its present location. It is thought to have been built by William John Gamble in the 1850s. He and his wife raised ten children in this tiny house: five boys and five girls. It is one of the few examples of an unchanged one-story cottage with a central chimney and small loft. While many homes started out looking much like this one, most were eventually expanded and decorated until their original form was barely recognizable.

This home was torn down.