The Colonel Fremont

The Colonel Fremont was built in Philadelphia in 1852 and brought to Saint John in 1854 by Ebenezar Hatheway. She was 101 feet in length, 20 feet in beam, a gross tonnage of 47, and a 75-horsepower engine.

She was placed in service between Indiantown and Hampton and between Belleisle Bay and Washademoak Lake. In some cases, she made a round trip per day. This route was maintained for the next four years, thus providing a very valuable service for the people living along these tributaries. During the latter part of this period, she became the property of George Gilbert and a Mr. Scovil.

On May 20, 1858, the Colonel Fremont was advertised to sail from Indiantown at 8 am for Hampton every Tuesday and Friday, returning the same day and to leave for the Washademoak Lake on Wednesday and Saturday, and left the head of Washademoak Lake on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Her length of service on the river is uncertain but she was still operating in 1862.