The Lawrence

The Lawrence was a side wheeler built in Newburyport, Connecticut in 1846. She was 140 feet long, with a 20-foot beam and a capacity of 186 tons.

She was brought to Saint John in 1855 by Israel Merrit and on April 2, 1856, the following notice appeared in a Saint John paper:

The good low pressure steamer Lawrence has been thoroughly repaired and handsomely furnished to accommodate 60 or 70 passengers with berths or staterooms. Her sleeping apartments are beautifully arranged, painted, upholstered with all that could be desired for use and comfort.

She will be put on the river as a night boat between Indiantown and Fredericton. Leaving every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00 pm and Saturday, 6:00 pm.,and making connections at Fredericton, with the up river steamers J.D.Pierce and Bonny Doon, thus establishing a direct route (through service) to Woodstock and Grand Falls.

In 1859, the Lawrence was placed on the Grand Lake route from Saint John to Chipman. There is no record of her operating after 1860, although her registry was not closed until 1867.