The Star

The side wheeler, the Star, was built in Portland, Saint John in 1873. She was 153 feet long and had a gross tonnage of 328.

An 1887 advertisement by the Star Line lyricizes: "She is the most beautiful Star on the Washedemoak route to Coles Island"

She burnt at Indiantown on September 25, 1902.

Above is a tranquil scene at the Narrows on the Washademoak, as the Star prepares to cast off.

Originally intended as a tugboat, the Star - here seen at Palmer's Wharf - was the first vessel to regularly ply the Washademoak route to Coles Island. There she ran for the greater part of the period of 1873-1902 and was referred to as a "Splendid little steamer". Captain Garrett Van Wart was her first master.